A combination of rigour and sinuosity, form and function: Yves is a seating system with a dual soul that reveals itself as an ideal synthesis of rational volumes and organic shapes, enriched by unexpected and dynamic tailored details.
A project imbued with an intangible charm that transports us to the heyday of the 1970s.

The flowing movements of the one-piece seats create different depths, resulting in cosy configurations: like coves, spaces open up to accommodate a small table or an ottoman, adapting the sofa to the constant evolution of contemporary living.

The backrests support the curves of the seats, following their course with their segmented architectural shapes to form a gap, allowing them to be consecutive without appearing monolithic. This continuous change of flow is harmonised by unprecedented tailoring: asymmetrical seams give rhythm to the volumes, shaping the design and becoming an integral part of the architectural language, even dictating the unusual position of the aluminium feet, placed in correspondence of them.

The tailored graphic elements, distinctive features of the system, are combined with the sinuosity of the shapes, characterising Yves as a domestic landscape: a piece of furniture capable of transforming traditional modularity into unique and innovative configurations, that are lively and asymmetrical, but at the same time reassuring and comfortable.

The dynamic compositions also feature two different types of seats: one with a one-piece seat, which gives Yves a more contemporary look, and one with a seat cushion, boasting a more traditional character.

Sporting a more classic personality, this variant effortlessly interprets a timeless taste, capable of expressing multiple aesthetic and compositional languages, fitting with ease into different contexts. Yves Suite is also enriched by unexpected and dynamic sartorial details: the unique softness of the cushions, capable of maintaining a precise formal aesthetic, provides maximum comfort thanks to the pocket springs inserted in variable-density polyurethanes, which allow the memory of the shapes to be maintained and the seat to return to its original form.

A flexible and constantly evolving system, whose elements can also be combined with the Yves one-piece seats.