Yves Sofà

The rational volumes and organic shapes of the Yves seating system are also available in the version with a more compact seat depth. Introducing Yves Sofà, a project that combines its hallmark couture-inspired design with upholstered one-piece seats that are reduced in depth to bring the same sartorial taste into smaller residential or Hospitality spaces.

Multifaceted and versatile, Yves Sofà includes a wide range of elements – sofas, central, inclined and open-end units, couch, chaise-longue and ottomans – which are joined by innovative lounge sofas featuring curves designed to welcome the Rayan tables, fostering informal dining and convivial moments.

Thanks to the dynamism of its compositions, Yves Sofà reveals itself as a contemporary furnishing piece, capable of transforming traditional modularity into unique and innovative configurations that are lively and asymmetrical, but at the same time reassuring and comfortable.