Sculptural and original forms with a distinct 1970s style give life to a design project in which elegance, formal innovation and maximum comfort coexist.

The design of the backrests and armrests, poetically evocative of a lunar phase, becomes the stylistic leitmotif of the system: their shapes, together with the seat cushions and marble or wood tops, are accommodated and partially concealed in the upholstered base that rests on the floating chrome-plated metal frame.

Supermoon was created as a standalone nomadic piece, yet one that is capable of multiplying and evolving to become a true modular system: a furniture that, thanks to its plastic lines and distinct personality, enjoys a life of its own as a monolithic living room element, but is also able of developing into flexible configurations. When placed side by side, the modules stand out more as an aggregation of individual elements than as a distinct system: they are joined by brushing against each other, creating a double flaring at the base that, with a decorative geometry, highlights the boundaries of each element.

In addition to end and central elements, sofas and chaise-longues, there are also occasional coffee tables, benches and an original armchair with a lacquered base able to characterise spaces with a strong identity.

Supermoon’s compositional freedom also underlines its aesthetic self-determination, expressing an unseen, yet consistent, formal language.