Diagramma “Writing Desk”

The Diagramma family of coffee tables comes to life from a graphic sign that makes them dynamic and versatile, capable of becoming iconic protagonists of the living room.

Irregularly shaped and multifaceted, they are ideal as afunctional support surface for a seating system, characterising themselves as plastic spatial sculptures.

A high metal band encloses the upper – in marble or glass – and lower tops, breaking off to create storage compartments.

The result is an interplay of solids and voids and a variety of materials that emphasise the aesthetics of the furnishing piece.

Their harmonious geometries make them multi-purpose and decorative, perfect for more intimate, cosy residential spaces, as well as for lounges and Hospitality environments. The family also includes a writing desk with a contemporary twist: a metal band embraces the wooden top, which rests on two blades, giving it a light appearance.