The Curtis bed owes its original identity to the precious quilting. The exclusive pattern, a circle crossed by a vertical line, has been designed by Minotti Studio to characterize the walls of the settings of the 2018 collection. The workmanship conveys an effect of great softness to the fabrics and the leathers used for the upholstery. The pattern, simplified and reduced to the sole vertical line, is also the protagonist of the finishing of the sommier raised from the ground. Curtis is characterized by a tall and thin headboard, with an exposed zipper along the sides, and is available in one length only, with a choice of five widths. Interpreted with a crepuscular light, in a rarefied atmosphere, it suggests the encounter between the past of the Déco tradition, thanks to the rich quilting, and the present of interior decoration, with its sophisticated graphics. Curtis can be coordinated with a bedspread and a plaid with an interesting combination of colours, materials and textures. Thus contributing to the overall scenography of the bed, which is elegantly dressed and becomes the protagonist of the sleeping area. The reversible Curtis bedspread is made entirely by hand. One side is covered in white Paco fabric and the other in Mink-coloured Kabuki fabric. The Lawrence plaid, made of 100% cashmere wool, is available in two versions: Titanium with a border in natural-shaded Nabuk leather or Platinum with a border in iron-coloured Nabuk leather.
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