Endless Moments Of Pleasure Chapter #2 - Architectural Appeal

George loves architecture. For him, “designing is all about living and living by design is what I believe in” and his home is the perfect reflection of this philosophy of life.

Architectural Appeal invites us to step into the fascinating world of architecture and discover the similarities between the passion of George, established architect, and the ultra-sophisticated home he has designed for himself.
His motto “designing is all about living and living by design is what I believe in” sums up the close relationship between his profession and the house he lives in, the only place in the world where he finds his true inner self, far from the frenetic rhythms of his everyday life.

The living room brims with personality and expresses uniqueness. A sober atmosphere, with masculine tones, in which the close relationship between objects and space defines the features of a new code of elegance, in line with the principle of perfect equilibrium and harmony. A style statement that reflects the protagonist’s extraordinary sensitivity to beauty and creativity, the result of the inspiration and drive that his passion for architecture instils in him every day.

The Connery modular seating system, highly appealing in the leather version with round chaise longue, illustrates the many faces of comfort according to George: a solution that combines a sophisticated look with maximum versatility. The same refined aesthetic, in terms of texture and colour, is also reflected in the Linha coffee table in the centre of the room and in the nearby Boteco sideboard, both characterised by an exquisite top in Sahara Noir marble, and in the Daiki armchairs with their original seats featuring shells crafted from Palisander Santos.

A living area carefully studied by George right down to the smallest detail, and which seamlessly moves outdoors with the Sunray seating system and the Fynn Outdoor armchairs, embracing the splendid panorama and the city lights.
A life project based on the endless pursuit of authenticity.

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