Stepping inside the Company Showroom, a series of visually appealing settings invite visitors to explore the projects of the 2021 Collection, among which stands out Roger, an eye-catching modular seating system designed by Rodolfo Dordoni with Minotti.
Roger is presented in five different configurations that include solutions with corner, linear or back-to-back elements, enhancing its hugely versatile modularity as well as its ability to meet any needs in terms of layout and intended use.

Roger harmoniously dialogues with the other protagonists of the collection: the Belt sofa and armchairs by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Lido armchairs by GamFratesi, the Brasilia and Superquadra families of furniture by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27, together with coffee tables and furnishing accessories, lending shape to an articulate range of interiors by Minotti.

A dining area features a rectangular version of the Marvin table, with its sculptural base and top in brushed solid ash, softened in the lines and with rounded corners, paired with dining little armchairs from the Belt family, both designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Finally, the Roger Bed stands out in a refined night area.


Alongside the new 2021 projects, a careful selection of furnishings from the 2020 Collection, that include the Blazer and Connery seating solutions by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Torii sofa by nendo and the Fynn armchairs by GamFratesi.


A striking catwalk links the Showroom to the SuperSet, a space mirroring the architecture and styles of the 2021 Collection, influenced by Rationalist and Brutalist references, mellowed by the presence of welcoming materials, such as the Honey-coloured oak of the windows, steel with a reflective satin finish and the Dark Brown stained palisander Santos of the panelling. The alternation of bold graphic shapes, such as the large circular form shaped into the concrete wall, marks the boundary between indoor and outdoor.

Once again, the concept of a fluid transition between interior and exterior is stressed with a totally harmonious alternation of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The area next to the entrance therefore becomes the ideal setting for introducing visitors to Patio, an extremely versatile outdoor seating system, and the Lido Cord Outdoor armchairs by the Italian-Danish design duo GamFratesi, as well as the Torii Nest Outdoor armchairs by nendo.


Three relax areas present three different configurations of Roger, both in larger, L-shaped versions and a smaller linear one.
A dining island houses the Superquadra dining table by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27, with its minimal lines and remarkable proportions, in an original version with the top in Dark Brown stained palisander Santos combined with Sahara Noir marble.

The adjacent space is entirely devoted to projects by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27: a zone for chilling features the Brasilia sofa and Superquadra low table, while the night area is dominated by the strong personality of the Brasilia Bed, embraced by a slatted structure that constructs a real piece of architecture around the base, ending in two suspended nightstands.


Finally, a very eye-catching home office, where the Linha Studio desk and the Daiki Studio armchairs, in the executive and with a lower backrest versions, dialogue with a rigorous Brasilia sofa in black leather that contrasts with the Dark Brown palisander Santos, as well as the Superquadra low table, also designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27.

The projects of the 2021 Collection find an ideal stage in the space of the Company Showroom and the SuperSet, offering a sophisticated showcase that enhances Minotti’s artisan savoir-faire and elegance.

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