Quadrado Sectional

Inspired by the classic teak duckboard used in the yachting industry to facilitate the outflow of water, the Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan developed Quadrado, a modular system consisting of suspended square platforms that furnish outdoor spaces with exceptional lightness and flexibility. A flexible and dynamic furnishing, of undisputed quality and comfort, which perfectly dialogues with the surrounding environment: a young and contemporary proposal that invites informal and original solutions.Bianco Quadrado Sectional consisting of:
1x QUA087FS- Quadrasdo Corner Element Outdoor SX- 87x87h78.5cm 1x QUA087D-  Quadrado Corner Element Outdoor DX- 87x87h78.5 2x QUA0EC87F- Quadrado Central Outdoor Element 87x87h78.5 Structure- Fango covered in Santos 01 col. Bianco T/ Santo01 G 1x QUAOP087- Quadrado Outdoor Pouf 87x87