Quadrado “Outdoor” Sectional

Inspired by the classic teak duckboard used in the yachting industry to facilitate the outflow of water, the Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan developed Quadrado, a modular system consisting of suspended square platforms that furnish outdoor spaces with exceptional lightness and flexibility. Quadrado "Outdoor" Sectional in Santiago Bianco, Solid Teak, Mud Fiber, and Pewter Metal. Grouping includes- 3 central element seat cushions (102 x 78.5), 2 corner element seat cushions (102 x 78.5), 1 coffee table (200 x 84),  1 coffee table (100 x 100), 1 tray (73 x 49), 1 candle holder (24 x 24), and 4 optional cushions (50 x 50)   
Technical Information
Length:400 (all elements)
Width:300 (all elements)